Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the quality of a Mobile Home compare to site-built homes? The quality of construction that goes into a Mobile home can match, or often exceed a site-built house because all building processes are completed in a controlled environment. They are also built to the Federal Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards. Also known as the HUD code.
  2. Can I buy a home directly from the Manufacturer? No, you need to buy from a dealer who is licensed to specifically sell Mobile Homes.
  3. How can I be sure that a Mobile Home is a quality built home? The HUD Code regulates and monitors the Mobile Homes' construction and design, as well as the fire resistance, energy efficiency and transportability.
  4. Why should I consider a Mobile Home? In today's housing market, you can purchase a Mobile Home at a quarter of the cost of a site-built home, with the same quality of workmanship and amenities.
  5. What are the interest rates on a Mobile Home loan? If the home will be located in a Mobile Home park in which you do not own the land, the interest rates range from 8% - 10% on new homes, and 9% -12% on used homes. The age of the home, the lender, and your credit history are all determining factors to which interest rate you will be offered.
  6. Is there a down payment requirement? Yes. Pre-HUD homes made before (1976) usually require a minimum of 20% down. For homes newer than 1976, it depends on the lender, the credit history of the applicant, and the price of the homes that have recently sold in the area. (Comps)
  7. Are their other requirements? Each park has a manager that will meet with the applicant to qualify him/her for park approval. The interview will cover the parks rules and regulations, and the manager will look at the applicant's income to debt ratio to make sure the space rent is within their budget.
  8. Can I customize a new Mobile Home to meet my particular needs or wants? Yes, there are options you can choose from with a new home. You can upgrade over the standard features the same way you would in a site-built home. You can choose upgrades such as walk in closets, skylights, oak cabinets, drywall, whirlpools, vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, and kitchens with islands. The outdoor options vary as well, choosing siding materials ranging from wood, vinyl siding, or hardboard.
  9. Are there limits on where I can locate or place a Mobile Home? Yes, there are certain zoning regulations that vary from city to city. In Orange County, Monarch Home Sales deals primarily with Mobile Homes being placed in to Mobile Home Parks. Be sure to check the zoning regulations in the area you live in before purchasing a home.
  10. Are new Mobile homes covered by a warranty? Yes, new Mobile Homes are covered by a minimal 1 year warranty. Mobile Home Dealers and the manufacturer offer a warranty to guarantee the quality, workmanship, and major cooling and heating systems of the home. Be sure to check this out before signing any documents.
  11. Do Mobile homes appreciate in value? As with site-built homes, there are a lot of variables in this answer. Has the home been properly kept up and maintained? What is the local area like? What is the supply and demand in the market? If the home has been maintained the value should increase as with site built homes.
  12. Can I take care of installing a Mobile home myself? No, The sub-contractor or retailer is responsible for making sure the home is installed in accordance with the state regulations.
  13. Is there homeowners insurance for my Mobile home? Yes. Many companies specialize in insuring Mobile Homes, such as HomeGuard Home Warranty, Inc..
  14. Can I make repairs on a Mobile Home? First, check your homeowner's manual for outlines regarding the maintenance requirements. As with site-built homes, there will be situations outside of your expertise when the warranty will require you to use a service professional.
  15. Are there other considerations I should know about before purchasing a Mobile Home? Sure, you'll want to know what the park and the neighborhood are like. Spend some time at different times of the day walking the park and exploring the surrounding neighborhood. Obviously, you'll want to know the cost of space rent, how often the rent is raised, and the average increase.
  16. What do I do if I develop problems with my Mobile Home? The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) recommends that you first contact the retailer who sold you the home. If it cannot be resolved, contact the manufacturer. If it still cannot be resolved, contact your local HCD office or related agency.
  17. Are Mobile homes subject to property tax? Mobile homes sold new on or after July 1, 1980 are subject to property taxation, which is approximately 1% of the purchase price. The county does not tax most Mobile Homes sold prior to July 1, 1980. Mobile Homes not subject to local property tax are subject to a yearly in-lieu license fee, much like the Vehicle License Fee that owners of automobiles pay.
  18. Is the price of a shed included when purchasing a Mobile home? Brand new homes do not include the price of a shed with the purchase. However, the shed is included when purchasing a used Mobile home.
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