How Much Can I Get For My Mobile Home?

This is the number one question from prospective sellers.
Many factors affect the value of your home. In today's market, the following items are the most important:

  • Comparables This is the price that other homes like yours, have sold for. If the last two or three sales in your park (of similar size and age) were in the same general price range, this affects how your home will appraise.
  • Age The age of your home (especially 1976 or before) affects the amount a lender will loan.
  • Showing Condition  How your home looks inside and out to a prospective buyer.
  • Space Rent  If your space rent is low for the area, chances increase to sell your home for more equity. If space rent is on the high end, your profit typically decreases.
  • Timing  Early spring listing is preferable to late fall. Marketing trends show buyers are more active during early spring and summer.
  • Fair Market Value  What a willing buyer pays to a willing seller when neither party is under duress to buy or sell.


We Offer FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for Orange County Mobile Home Sellers

The correct selling price of a home is the highest price that the market will bear.

To assist you in determining the correct asking price for your Mobile Home, Monarch Home Sales provides you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of comparable properties sold, and offered for sale, in your Mobile Home Park. We review the findings with you to establish the right price for your home.

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