Guide to Selling a Pre-Owned Mobile Home

The following Guide to Selling a Previously Owned Mobile Home assists sellers in making sound decisions that help sell their homes for top dollar, and quickly.
This information is based upon practices employed by our company.

Steps Employed by Monarch to Sell a Home

  1. The Monarch Homes Sales Specialist provides an independent agency list of comparable sales from your park. This is used as a guide in establishing a selling price.
  2. Seller and agent sign an Exclusive Authorization To Sell and Intent to Sell Agreement. Average length of contract is six (6) months. Some agencies charge more.
  3. Sales Specialist will request certain HCD forms and other documents as necessary. If you do not have copies, they will be made for you and the originals returned to you.
  4. Photographs of your home are taken for advertising purposes.
  5. A lockbox (containing a key to your home) with a secret code is placed on your door.
  6. A title search is requested.
  7. Attractive signage is placed on your property in accordance with Park guidelines. Professional leaflets promoting your home’s features are prepared as a carry away, and placed in a special container outside.
  8. Your listing is placed with our media resources. (see Keys to Successful Sales.)
  9. Prior to bringing a client to your home, you will receive a telephone call from a sales representative.
  10. On occasion an open house is held – Park permitting.
  11. Monthly updates keep you apprised of your sale status, and provide feedback from potential buyers, or changes in marketing conditions that may affect you.

Offer and Beyond

  1. All offers are presented to you. At Monarch Home Sales, we prequalify buyers to ensure smooth transactions.
  2. Once you have accepted and signed an offer, the contract is placed into Escrow. Escrow is opened with a deposit from the Buyer.
    1. What Is Escrow? Escrow is an agent acting as a neutral third party and middleman in sales, leases or refinances of real estate or personal property.
    2. Example: A prospective buyer places money into an escrow trust account with instructions that those funds are to be held in that escrow trust account until certain specified conditions have been fulfilled, which may include getting title to a specific piece of property. When all the specified conditions are fulfilled, the buyer’s monies are credited to the seller and the buyer gets title to the property. The responsibilities of an escrow agent can differ greatly from one transaction to another. It is prudent to take time and read your particular escrow instructions. This will help ensure you receive the desired result.
  3. Health and Safety inspection is scheduled.
  4. Park “interview and approval” of the Buyer is scheduled.
  5. Required Health and Safety improvements are made.
  6. All monies are received.
  7. Escrow closes.

Home Owner Choices

If you wish to receive top dollar for your home, showing conditions are extremely important. A prospective buyer walking through your home may not see how wonderful it is, if there are too many things to look at. For instance, many personal photos, pictures or art objects distract the eye. Getting ready to sell your home means ‘depersonalize and declutter’. This is called “staging”. If you wish to sell your home for top dollar, you must market it like the professionals. If you are unsure what needs to be put away, ask your Sales Specialist or hire someone to stage your home. Monarch Home Sales offers a complete list of contractors to assist with repairs and staging.


  • Garden: Clean and colorful (a few new bright, flowering plants are a quick and easy fix). Grass is mowed and trimmed. Tree leaves picked up and old newspapers recycled. If you have a pet, ensure all animal waste is picked up.
  • Skirting: Consider replacing loose or bent skirting.
  • Driveway: Check for clutter and pressure wash obvious oil spots [prevents tracking].
  • General Appearance: If your home has not been pressure washed recently, this is a good time.


  • Clean: Your house should be thoroughly cleaned and smelling fresh. Open doors and windows to let fresh air in. Light a candle, and/or spray non-perfumed room fresheners such as Ozium or Febreze, (do not use anything too fragrant) prior to showing. Closets, cupboards and drawers will be opened. If you have something you do not wish to share with a stranger, it’s best to store it elsewhere. Put all valuables in a secure place.
  • Cords:. Telephone, extension and fan cords should be concealed and not left in traffic areas.
  • Declutter: Personal mementos can interfere with a prospective buyer’s ability to visualize. What you pack away now are things that won’t have to be packed after the sale. Examples: too many photos, nick-knacks or silk flower arrangements, an excessive amount of magazines, newspapers, stuffed animals and vases. Children’s toys should be stowed in a closet.
  • Electrical: Ensure electrical outlets are in good repair—no black, burned out outlets. Easy fix, low cost.
  • Plumbing: Do not have dripping faucets in sinks, bath or showers. Running toilets are a no-no. Not spending a few dollars here might cost you a great buyer! Fix low cost items.
  • Holes in Walls, Soft Spots in Floor: A Health and Safety Inspection will be performed. Items such as these identified and repaired before the close of the sale. In most cases, the seller either pays for repairs or lowers the price of the home to cover the cost.
  • Pets: This can be a real turn off to a potential buyer. Ensure kitty’s litter box is clean and stowed out of the way. Pick up food dishes until after the showing. Put birds in cages.


  • Entry: Walk out your front entry and close the door. Then, turn around and walk in—what is the first thing you see? Is it inviting and warm? Is it something appealing to look at? Is it clean and in good repair? First impressions count and set the tone for the house!
  • Living / Family Room / Den: If, over the years, you’ve collected more furniture than fits easily in the room, this is the time to put it into storage, or ask the thrift store to pick it up. Less furniture and clean surfaces give prospective buyers the ability to observe the home instead of your personal items.
  • Kitchen: A most important room to make a good impression. Have a clean sink (no dirty dishes); less is more for counter top appliances and accessories; declutter by removing refrigerator magnets.
  • Bedrooms: Pick up clothes, put away laundry and declutter nightstands. Make the bed.
  • Bathrooms: Decorative towels look nice, as does a clean sink. Put away everyday use items such as toothbrush, soaps, deodorants or creams and used towels. Put the lid down on the toilet. Close the shower door / curtain. Ensure the floor and counters are clean.


The seller is responsible for Health and Safety repairs. Homes are inspected prior to close of escrow. Items such as mold, excessive termites, soft spots in flooring, roof leaks, shorts in wiring, leaking faucets and toilets, etc. are items that must be repaired. There are two ways to handle this.

  1. Hire a Contractor and have the work done.
  2. Get an estimate for the work to be performed and offer a “credit” to the buyer.
  • Contractors, General Repair and Termites: If you do not have one, Monarch Home Sales has an extensive list of qualified individuals who can help you with repairs to meet Health and Safety requirements.
  • Smoke Detectors: On or after January 1, 2009, California State law requires all used manufactured /mobile homes that are sold shall have a smoke alarm installed in each room designed for sleeping that is operable on the date of transfer of title. Ensure your home has the appropriate number of smoke detectors mounted in the prescribed manner; otherwise you will be liable when your home is sold.
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